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Traffic is an everyday affair for many of us. It affects us whether we own a vehicle or not. From a very early age, students are taught about safety pertaining to roads, the use of zebra-crossing, understanding the relevance of traffic lights. Therefore by the time a child becomes eligible to drive on his/her own, these basic rules are imbibed in their minds and become very easy to understand the dynamic traffic rules and penalties associated with it. With this dynamic nature of rules, it becomes challenging for the traffic police in carrying out their job efficiently.

E-Challan helps in this case. To ease the difficulties of the traffic police in catching the defaulters of the road, e-challan helps. E-challan system is an electronic system that catches the defaulter by clicking the photograph of the number plate as well as the person sitting on/inside the vehicle. Challan is generated based on the violation, it is sent to the nearest police control room for further inquiry. Latter in the police control room a computer creates the challan receipt for the person. This receipt will then be sent to the person’s mobile number. It will contain your information and the link to pay the fine. 

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E-challan is an easy way to pay the fine or the check the status of your challan. Both can be done online.

What is E-Challan?

E-Challan is the electronic challan generated with the use of CCTV Cameras installed on various traffic posts, where the proximity of occurrence of a traffic violation is more. If a violation takes place, the person who broke the law will have to pay a penalty in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The concept of e-challans was implemented in India in 2013, this was to replace the existing paper challans.

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How to check Your Traffic fine and E-Challan Status?

  • Visit the website:
  • Click: ‘ Check Challan Status’
  • Enter: 1. E-Challan Number, 2.Vehicle Number, 3. Driving License Number
  • Type in the Captcha Code
  • Select: ‘Get Details’

Note: If you wish to register a complaint with regard to your e-challan directly with the Assam police, you can visit their website ( Select ‘Services Rendered Tab’ and register your complaint.

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How to pay the Traffic E-Challan Online?

Via the Parivahan Website: 

  1. Visit this website:
  2. Enter: 1. E-Challan Number, 2.Vehicle Number, 3. Driving License Number.
  3. Type in the Captcha Code.
  4. Select: ‘Get Details’.
  5. Verify all the details.
  6. Make the payment.

Via Paytm:

  1. Visit the website: OR Open the Paytm app.
  2. Choose: ‘More’
  3. Select: ‘Challan’
  4. Choose the traffic authority of your city. Type in your driving license number,e-challan number, Registration Certificate(RC).
  5. Click: ‘Proceed’
  6. Verify the details.
  7. Type the amount to be paid and make the payment.

How to pay the Traffic E-Challan Offline?

  1. You need to approach the Police Officer who has an e-challan machine. Give the details of your e-challan. These details may include 1. Registration Number, 2. E-Challan Number, 3. Driving Licence Number.
  2. You can visit the Police Headquarters and make the fine payment.
  3. You can use a cheque, a demand draft, or a pay order and send this to the Assam Police Headquarters. This can be done with a courier.

Traffic Rules Violation in Assam

Violation Description
Riding a Two-Wheeler without wearing a helmet.Fine of Rs.1000 is liable.
Driving under the influence.First time offence: Fine of Rs.10,000 and/or upto 6 months of jail time.Second time offence: Fine of 15,000 and/or upto 2 years of imprisonment.
Use of phone while driving.Fine upto Rs.5,000 if fail to adhere the rule.
Not wearing seat belt while driving.Fine of 1,000 is liable.
Driving a non insured vehicle.First time offence: Fine of Rs.2,000 and/or upto 3 months of imprisonment.Second time offence: Fine of 4,000 and/or upto 3 months of imprisonment.
Driving without a valid Driving Licence.Fine of Rs.5,000 is liable.
Violation of the Traffic Rules.Fine of Rs.5,000 is liable.
Speeding/exceeding the speed limit.Light Motor Vehicle: Rs.1,000- Rs.2,000Medium or Goods Vehicle: Rs.2,000 – Rs.4,000.
Driving in a dangerous manner.Driving in a way that can cause harm to the padestrians and other drivers on the road. Fine can go upto Rs.5,000.
Overloading a vehicle.If you are driving a commercial vehicle,and caught for overloading, fine of Rs.2,000 is applicable.
Not allowing emergency vehicles to pass.You need to allow the emergency vehicles like an ambulance to pass. If you are caught blocking it in any manner, you will be fined Rs.10,000.
Offences by a Juvenile.If you are minor and are caught violation the traffic rules, a fine of Rs.25,000 is liable. Imprisonment for up to 3 years can also be applicable.


Who has the authority for the traffic fine collection in Assam?

Assam Police is under authority for collection of the E-Challan traffic violations.

What if, I don’t pay the E-Challan fine?

If 60 days have passed and still fine is pending, a traffic police officer will visit the registered home address and collect the fine. If no one is at the address, the offender is summoned to court. If the still offender doesn’t turn up, his/her license will be canceled or suspended.

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