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As you all know the Traffic Rules and Regulations are important to follow for being safe and sound and driving more safely, to keep others away from danger as well. But, there are a lot of us who are unaware of the basic traffic signs and sometimes do just the opposite of what the sign ask us to do. In this case, we need to learn sincerely about the traffic signs and implement them while travelling on the road and help others to understand the signs as well.

So, Let us dive in and understand the basic and important traffic signs that are important for the proper and smooth functioning of the Traffic on road.

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Types of Traffic Signs in India

  • Mandatory Signs: The below mentioned are signs that are mandatory or compulsory to be followed, if not followed properly, then the traffic police might issue a challan against you.  These signs make sure that the traffic on roads is not disrupted and made aware of the specific laws and limits. These include Stop sign, Give way sign, Going straight is prohibitory, Pedestrian is prohibited, Horn is prohibited, No Parking, No stopping or Standing, Speed Limit is 50, Right-hand curve, Left-hand curve, Right hairpin bend, Left hairpin bend, Narrow Road ahead, Narrow Bridge, Pedestrian Crossing, School Ahead, Round About, Dangerous gap ahead, Hump or rough road, Barrier ahead.

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  • Cautionary Signs: These signs are to make the people aware of the danger ahead or make them cautious about the road so that they are safe and protected. These signs make the driving individual aware of the road in advance so that he/she can take the necessary steps to keep them safe and sound. The cautionary signs include Right-hand curve, Left-hand curve, Right hairpin bend, Left hairpin bend, Right reserve band, Left reserve band, Steep ascent, Steep descent, Narrow road ahead, Road wideness ahead, Narrow road, Slippery road, Loose gravel, Cycle crossing, Pedestrian crossing, School ahead, Men at work ahead, Cattle ahead, Falling rocks ahead, Ferry.

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  • Informatory Signs: These signs give good information about the destination, fuel station, distance, medical center, and public convenience, eating place, hospitals, public telephone, parking lot scooter & motor cycle, parking lot for cars. This is there so as to make it easy for us to find the necessary utilities smoothly, without much hassle.
  • Traffic Signs for Children: Children are the most innocent, lovable beings on earth but we need to follow proper rules and signs when it comes to Children safely and keeping them secure and away from any dangers or casualty. For this, there are some specific traffic signs to follow for adults, so that all children can be kept safe and protected.

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  1. Stop Sign: It is one of the most effective and important signs to make children aware of stopping, wherever necessary. Vehicle drivers also realize to halt their vehicle at this sign. This sign allows kids to crossroads smoothly and makes their way to the road.
  2. Student Crossing Sign: The students cross the road right after their school and drivers need to be alert about this. The students are advised to look up to these signs so that they can be sure of crossing the road and to cross the road cautiously when there is no such sign.
  3. Seat Belt: The most important is to wear a seat belt, whether for adults or for children. The seat belt keeps everyone in the vehicle protected in case of an accident and less harm is caused in case of danger.
  4. Slow Children at Play Sign: For making the driver aware that the children are in their play zones, this sign is shown. It enables the vehicle owner to slow down in case they see children playing around. But, it is also advisable that the children are taught the same that, not to play on the road but in the park or indoor

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Functions of Traffic Signs

  1. The traffic signs are important to be known to us as they make us safe, secure and others protected as well.
  2. They inform the distance to be covered to reach your destination.
  3. They make vehicle drivers aware of the alternate routes to reach the destination.
  4. Make cautious of the dangers, colleges, schools, hospitals, etc, and to use vehicles slowly when approaching the above-mentioned areas.
  5. They inform users of public utilities and convenience so that people can reach out to them smoothly.

Importance of Traffic Signs:

  1. The traffic signs safeguard the people from any misfortunate or unforeseen danger coming in their way.
  2. The traffic signs also make sure, that the people are abiding by rules and alerts them to make any offense on the road.
  3. The traffic signs work as a navigation system as it tells us the routes super easily by way of signs.
  4. The traffic signs tell what distance is left to cover up, in order to reach our destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Traffic Signs are there?

There are a lot of traffic signs but the basic types of them are mandatory, cautionary, and informatory.

What is the shape of Traffic signs?

The traffic signs are usually diamond or round shaped.

What is the use of Yellow-diamond sign?

The Yellow diamond sign are for giving warnings to get alert for slowing down or stop if required.

What do Black and Yellow sign mean?

These are generally warning signs, and are written in black with bold letters, and are diamond shaped.

What do White sign mean?

White signs usually give directions on non-primary road. They are square in shape and are regulatory order road signs.

Is it important to follow the traffic signs all the time?

Yes, absolutely. In order to keep yourself and others safe and to follow traffic rules properly, the traffic signs need to followed by every individual all the time.

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