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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh RTO Codes for Vehicle Registration in Himachal Pradesh which was established under the provisions of section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 Himachal Pradesh State RTO is responsible for the task related to vehicles, tax, safety, and many more.

Functions of Himachal Pradesh RTO

  1. Himachal Pradesh RTO function is to collect road taxes and road fees
  2. Check The vehicles for compliance with pollution norms
  3. Creating schemes for stage carriages
  4. Granting of new permits
  5. Renewal of permits
  6. Ensuring that provisions regarding offenses are carried out
  7. Ensuring that rules and regulations are enforced
  8. Enforcing rules under the Motor Vehicles Act
  9. Issuing certificate of fitness to transport vehicles
  10. Issuing of driving licenses to individuals
  11. Issuing of driving licenses to driving schools
  12. Issuing conductor licenses
  13. Issuing NOC certificates
  14. Issuing of road permits
  15. Promotion of road safety norms
  16. Registration of all kinds of vehicles

Types of Vehicle Registration in Himachal Pradesh

There are two types of vehicle registration in Himachal Pradesh RTO Office:

  1. Temporary Vehicle Registration: It is allowed in cases where the owner of the vehicle in Himachal Pradesh to take it to any other state. Temporary Vehicle Registration is not renewable and is valid only for 1 month
  2. Permanent Vehicle Registration: Under Section 39 of the Motor Vehicle Act, permanent registration of all vehicles is necessary for driving on roads in Himachal Pradesh. Driving without a Registration Certificate (RC) is a punishable offense.

Documents Required for Registering Vehicle in Himachal Pradesh

The documents required to register your vehicle are:

  • Duly-filled application (Form 20)
  • Sales certificate (Form 21)
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Proof of address
  • Temporary registration (issued by the registering authority) or trade certificate (issued by the dealer)
  • Roadworthiness certificate (Form 22)
  • Custom clearance certificate with a bond (for imported vehicles)
  • Certificate of tax clearance (Form 60) or a declaration
  • Payable tax (based on the category of the vehicle)
  • Applicable fees (specified in Rule 81)

RTO Registration Charges in Himachal Pradesh

Basically RTO Charges are based on the Ex-showroom price of the vehicle in India, discounts are not taken into account while calculating RTO charges but a flat fees basis the applicable slab is applied on to the Ex-showroom Price.

While Registering a Car – a Vehicle Owner Pays in :-

Himachal PradeshRoad Tax Fees for New Car Registration in H.P.
Himachal PradeshAs of now in range of 2.5% to 3% but will soon be revised to 8% to 10% of Price of Car Price
Shimla, Solan 

Himachal Pradesh Vehicle Registration Details

RTO LocationRTO CodeRTO LocationRTO Code
Bangana HP-78Gohar (Mandi)HP-32
Dodra KawarHP-77Sunder NagarHP-31
Hamirpur HP-67Karsog HP-30
Shimla HP-63Joginder NagarHP-29
DodraKwar HP-62Sarkaghat HP-28
Manali HP-58Kalpa HP-25
Chowari HP-57Ghumarwin HP-23
Jaisinghpur HP-56Hamirpur HP-22
Nadaun HP-55Barsar HP-21
Jawali HP-54Una HP-20
Baijnath HP-53Amb HP-19
Shimla (Rural)HP-52Paonta SahibHP-17
Chamba HP-48Rajgarh HP-16
Bharmour HP-46Parwanoo HP-15
Pangi HP-45Kandaghat HP-13
Dharamshala HP-39Nalagarh HP-12
Palampur HP-37Arki HP-11
Dehra HP-36Rohru HP-10
Anni HP-35Rampur HP-06
Kullu HP-34Shimla UrbanHP-03
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