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Transfer Ownership of Vehicle

A huge disadvantage of purchasing a new vehicle is that its value depreciates the moment it is driven out of the showroom, the market value of the car decreases at a very rapid pace in the early years of a vehicle.

In addition to that, the rate of insurance is generally based on the age of the car. The newer the vehicle, the higher the cost of insurance and vice versa. Therefore, the rate of insurance for pre-owned vehicles is evidently lower. It is due to these reasons among many others, that there is a huge market of Pre-owned vehicles in India, potential and prominent reasons being the benefits linked to it.

However, it’s not just a matter of payment of funds and buying/selling of the vehicle. There are certain important documentation and procedures that need to be followed in order to legally transfer the vehicle from the seller to the buyer.

This is crucial in indicating that the vehicle and the liabilities are completely transferred to the new owner.

Henceforth, this will be your guide to understanding the process to transfer ownership of the vehicle, if you are in Kerala.


Transfer of ownership in case of death of the registered owner:

  1. Form 31
  2. Legal heir certificate
  3. Affidavit from another legal heir in acceptance of transferring the vehicle.
  4. Vehicle Certificate of Registration
  5. Insurance Documents
  6. Passport-sized photographs

For Transfer of ownership- In case of sales of vehicle:

  1. Application in Form No. 29
  2. Application in Form No. 30
  3. Vehicle Certificate of Registration
  4. No Objection Certificate (in case vehicle is bought from another state)
  5. Insurance Documents of the vehicle
  6. The applicable fee as per rule 81
  7. Passport size photo of the seller and the buyer
  8. Road Tax clearance certificate

For Transfer of ownership- In case of purchase of a vehicle at a Public Auction

  1. Form 32
  2. Certificate authorized/duly signed by the Auction authority confirming the sale of the vehicle in the auction, in buyer’s favor.
  • Mandatory Supporting Documents Required:
  1. Address proof of the purchaser
  2. No objection Certificate (NOC) from the financier, if the vehicle is under Hire Purchase Agreement
  3. Original Registration Certificate
  4. Self-addressed stamped envelope to send back the new Registration Certificate

NOTE: Do Confirm and Cross Check the Prerequisites for Transfer of ownership of Vehicle:

  1. Valid Vehicle Number, Chassis Number, and Mobile number for OTP.
  2. Valid Details about payment mode like Credit/Debit card, net banking, UPI, etc. for making payments


  • Visit the Parivahan Website.
  • Enter the registration number of your vehicle and click on the “PROCEED” button.
  • Your vehicle details will be displayed on the screen, verify the details given and click on Proceed.
  • Online Services will be displayed. You will need to choose the services you’ll need. In this situation, choose the ‘Basic Services option’ (Transfer of Ownership, Change of Address, etc.)
  • You will be required to enter the last five digits chassis number.
  • Enter your phone number and click the “Generate OTP” button.
  • An OTP will be generated and delivered to the applicant’s mobile phone number, as well as a pop-up message. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) that was sent on your mobile.
  • Select the required application to which applicants wish to submit an application.

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Fill in all of the information requested by the application form. Applicants can also view a breakdown of the fees for each application. And then press the “Pay Now” button.

  • The candidate will be presented with a confirmation box. Confirm the details before moving forward.
  • Make the necessary payment.
  • A fee receipt is generated once the transaction is approved and the bank status is successful.
  • Now, upload all the necessary documents required in the respective fields.
  • Once the documentation is complete, submit your application.
  • For verification/approval, you need to visit the area RTO with all the necessary original documents.


  • For a non-transport vehicle, the Certificate of Registration (RC) is valid for 15 years from the date of first registration, and it is renewed subsequently after every 5 years.
  • In the case of transport vehicles (goods and passenger carriers), the Certificate of Registration (RC) is valid till the certificate of fitness is valid.


Application for transfer of ownership shall be processed and despatched within ten working days.

NOTE: Application for transfer of ownership should be submitted within one month of transfer of a vehicle. Otherwise, there will be a fine for every month


The public relations officer of each Regional transport office and sub-Regional Transport office is the key contact person for the inquiry related to the transfer of ownership.

Transport Commissionerate, Motor Vehicles Department, Kerala
2nd Floor, Trans Tower, CV Raman Pillai Rd,
DPI, Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram,
Kerala 695014
Phone: 0471 233 3317


How can I check the status of the ownership transfer application?

The facility for checking the application status is provided in the parivahan software. It is linked to the Kerala mvd website also.

Is it possible to sell my car from outside India and transfer the ownership?

Yes, it is possible to sell and transfer the ownership of the vehicle. Do the transfer of ownership through the online process, aadhar authentication will be required, sign on the necessary forms, pay the required fees, and do the final submission.

Can the vehicle ownership be transferred after the demise of the owner?

Yes, vehicle ownership can be transferred after the owner’s demise however you will be requiring certain additional documents like form 31, a legal heir certificate, and an affidavit from the heir accepting the transfer of a vehicle.

Is PAN Card required for the transfer of ownership?

PAN Card is an important document required only when the transfer of ownership is for a 4 wheeler vehicle. However, it is not required for a 2 wheeler ownership transfer.

Which vehicle category to input for bike and car?

For a bike, select Motor cycle with gear. For cars, choose LMV(Light Motor Vehicle)

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