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Common Service Centers

Common Service Centers (CSCs) in Ferrargunj, Andaman, and Nicobar Islands, provide various government and non-government services to the local population. Common Service Centers in Ferrargunj, district Andamans, Complete list of Village Level Entrepreneur Centers in Ferrargunj with CSC id, pin code, Email_Id and mobile number.

CSCIdVleNamePin CodeEmail_IdMobile
AD010100403G SREENIVAS744106csc@csclive.in9474220414
AD010100404AP Hasainar744206csc@csclive.in9434264427
AD010100401M. Ganesan744103csc@csclive.in9933227372
AD010100402Kalpana George Banick744105csc@csclive.in9434291999
AD010100405J Padmavati744103csc@csclive.in9474201498
AD010100406Rama Krishnan744206csc@csclive.in9933266214
AD010100407Rupa Sardar744103csc@csclive.in9933200646
AD010100408Anand Murugan744105csc@csclive.in9800922285
AD010100410V.K. Mohammed Ali744107csc@csclive.in9932080093
AD010100414NM Bashir744106csc@csclive.in9933210768

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CSC Ferrargunj Services

Here is a list of some common services offered by CSC :

  1. Aadhaar Enrolment and Update: CSCs assist in Aadhaar card registration and updating demographic and biometric information.
  2. Government Forms and Applications: CSCs provide assistance in filling and submitting various government forms and applications such as PAN cards, passports, voter IDs, etc.
  3. Utility Bill Payments: CSCs enable payment of utility bills, including electricity, water, gas, and phone bills.
  4. Banking Services: CSCs act as Banking Correspondents and offer basic banking services like account opening, deposits, withdrawals, and money transfers.
  5. Insurance Services: CSCs facilitate the sale and renewal of insurance policies such as life insurance, crop insurance, and health insurance.
  6. e-District Services: CSCs deliver various e-governance services like issuance of certificates (birth, death, caste, etc.), land record services, and income certificates.
  7. Digital Literacy and Training: CSCs provide training and assistance to individuals in using digital technologies, internet browsing, online applications, and digital payments.
  8. E-commerce and Ticket Booking: CSCs offer services like online shopping, ticket booking (train, bus, flight), and hotel reservations.
  9. Telemedicine: Some CSCs provide telemedicine services, connecting individuals with doctors through video conferencing for medical consultations.
  10. Financial Inclusion: CSCs facilitate financial inclusion by offering services related to micro-insurance, pension schemes, and loan applications.

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