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Maruti Grand Vitara Sigma 1462 cc base model starting price is ₹₹1,178,700 and its on-road price in Haryana (Faridabad, Gurugram, Panipat, Ambala, Yamunanagar, Rohtak, etc) if paid without loan then it would be ₹₹1,180,200 without insurance. Grand Vitara comes up in 15 different variants in petrol fuel and 2 variants in CNG.

Maruti Grand Vitara Ex-Showroom Price

On-Road PriceOn-Road Price
(If Financed)
Grand Vitara Sigma1462 cc₹1,070,000₹1,178,700₹1,180,200
Grand Vitara Delta1462 cc₹1,210,000₹1,332,700₹1,334,200
Grand Vitara Delta AT1462 cc₹1,360,000₹1,497,700₹1,499,200
Grand Vitara Zeta1462 cc₹1,391,000₹1,531,800₹1,533,300
Grand Vitara Alpha1462 cc₹1,541,000₹1,696,800₹1,698,300
Grand Vitara Zeta AT1462 cc₹1,541,000₹1,696,800₹1,698,300
Grand Vitara Alpha DT1462 cc₹1,557,000₹1,714,400₹1,715,900
Grand Vitara Alpha AT1462 cc₹1,691,000₹1,861,800₹1,863,300
Grand Vitara Alpha AWD1462 cc₹1,691,000₹1,861,800₹1,863,300
Grand Vitara Alpha AT DT1462 cc₹1,707,000₹1,879,400₹1,880,900
Grand Vitara Alpha AWD DT1462 cc₹1,707,000₹1,879,400₹1,880,900
Grand Vitara Zeta Plus Hybrid CVT1490 cc₹1,829,000₹2,013,600₹2,015,100
Grand Vitara Zeta Plus Hybrid CVT DT1490 cc₹1,845,000₹2,031,200₹2,032,700
Grand Vitara Alpha Plus Hybrid CVT1490 cc₹1,979,000₹2,178,600₹2,180,100
Grand Vitara Alpha Plus Hybrid CVT DT1490 cc₹1,995,000₹2,196,200₹2,197,700
Grand Vitara Delta CNG1462 cc₹1,305,000₹1,437,200₹1,438,700
Grand Vitara Zeta CNG1462 cc₹1,486,000₹1,636,300₹1,637,800

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If you are planning to buy Maruti Grand Grand Vitara in Haryana (Faridabad, Gurugram, Panipat, Ambala, Yamunanagar, Rohtak, etc) there are some of the charges that you have to pay:

Road Tax is sometimes referred to as the motor vehicle tax or the vehicle registration tax. In India, road tax is typically paid once upon the registration of a car. A percentage of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price or its depreciated value is used to determine the tax amount.

List of official fees that are usually charged while buying a new car

  • FASTag Fees
  • Registration Fees
  • HSRP Number Plate + Smart Card Charge

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On-Road Price Calculation of Grand Vitara Alpha AT DT1462cc

Exshowroom Price (More than 10L)₹1,707,000

Individual Registration of the Car along with Road tax and other Charges:

Road Tax Charges₹170,700
CNG Rebate (if applicable)₹0
Registration Fees₹600
FASTag Fees₹500
HP Endorsement Fees (if vehicle financed)₹1,500
HSRP Number Plate + Smart Card + Temporary Fees₹1,000
Total Registration Fees (if bought by Own Funds)₹172,800
Total Registration Fees (if Car Financed)₹174,300

* These are the fixed charges that one has to pay while buying a new car in Uttar Pradesh
**Disclaimer – Road Tax and Registration Fee are based on the Price of the Car. If the Price changes the Tax is subject to change

On-Road Price of Grand Vitara in Haryana

Total Price of The Car (Own Funds)₹1,708,000 + Insurance
Total Price of The Car (if Car Financed)₹1,879,800 + Insurance

Note: For the final price please add insurance that you will purchase with the total price of the car.

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Haryana Vehicle Registration Details

RTO LocationRTO CodesRTO LocationRTO Codes
Ambala HR-1Jind HR-31
Jagadhr-I YamunaHR-2Safidon HR-33
Panchkula HR-3Narnaul HR-35
Naraingarh HR-4Rewari HR-36
Karnal HR-5Faridabad HR-38
Panipat HR-6Assandh HR-40
Kurukshetra HR-7Pehowa HR-41
Kaithal HR-8Hisar HR-20
Sonepat HR-10Fatehabad HR-22
Gohana HR-11Kosli HR-43
Bahadurgarh HR-13Ellenabad HR-44
Jhajjar HR-14Tosham HR-48
Meham HR-15Faridabad HR-51
Bhiwani HR-16Hatin HR-52
Siwani HR-17Ambala BararaHR-54
Loharu HR-18Gurgaon HR-55
Charkhi DadriHR-19Jagadhari YamunaHR-58
Tohana HR-23Ratia HR-59
Sirsa HR-24Samalkha HR-60
Dabwali HR-25Bhiwani HR-61
Gurgaon NorthHR-26Chandigarh HR-70
Nuh HR-27Mewat NuhHR-74
Ferozepur JhirkaHR-28Beri HR-77
BallabgarhHR-29Shahabad HR-78
Palwal HR-30Tohana HR-23
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