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Maruti Grand Vitara Sigma1 462 cc base model starting price is ₹1,070,000 and its on-road price in Delhi if paid without loan then it would be ₹1,182,013 without insurance. Grand Vitara comes up in 15 different variants in petrol fuel and 2 variants in CNG.

Maruti Grand Vitara Ex-Showroom Price

VariantPrice (ex-showroom)On-Road PriceOn-Road Price (If Financed)
Grand Vitara Sigma1462 cc₹1,070,000₹1,182,013₹1,183,513
Grand Vitara Delta1462 cc₹1,210,000₹1,336,013₹1,337,513
Grand Vitara Delta AT1462 cc₹1,360,000₹1,501,013₹1,502,513
Grand Vitara Zeta1462 cc₹1,391,000₹1,535,113₹1,536,613
Grand Vitara Alpha1462 cc₹1,541,000₹1,700,113₹1,701,613
Grand Vitara Zeta AT1462 cc₹1,541,000₹1,700,113₹1,701,613
Grand Vitara Alpha DT1462 cc₹1,557,000₹1,717,713₹1,719,213
Grand Vitara Alpha AT1462 cc₹1,691,000₹1,865,113₹1,866,613
Grand Vitara Alpha AWD1462 cc₹1,691,000₹1,865,113₹1,866,613
Grand Vitara Alpha AT DT1462 cc₹1,707,000₹1,882,713₹1,884,213
Grand Vitara Alpha AWD DT1462 cc₹1,707,000₹1,882,713₹1,884,213
Grand Vitara Zeta Plus Hybrid CVT1490 cc₹1,829,000₹2,016,913₹2,018,413
Grand Vitara Zeta Plus Hybrid CVT DT1490 cc₹1,845,000₹2,034,513₹2,036,013
Grand Vitara Alpha Plus Hybrid CVT1490 cc₹1,979,000₹2,181,913₹2,183,413
Grand Vitara Alpha Plus Hybrid CVT DT1490 cc₹1,995,000₹2,199,513₹2,201,013
Grand Vitara Delta CNG1462 cc₹1,305,000₹1,440,513₹1,442,013
Grand Vitara Zeta CNG1462 cc₹1,486,000₹1,639,613₹1,641,113

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If you are planning to buy Maruti Grand Grand Vitara in Delhi there are some of the charges that you have to pay:

Road Tax :

Road Tax is sometimes referred to as the motor vehicle tax or the vehicle registration tax. In India, road tax is typically paid once upon the registration of a car. A percentage of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price or its depreciated value is used to determine the tax amount.

List of official fees that are usually charged while buying a new car

  • MCD Parking Fees
  • Registration Fees
  • HSRP Number Plate + Smart Card Charges

On-Road Price Calculation of Grand Vitara Sigma1462 cc

Exshowroom Price (More than 10L)10,70,000

Individual Registration of the Car along with Road tax and other Charges:

Road Tax Charges** (10% of ex-showroom price)₹107,000
MCD Parking Fees*₹4,000
Registration Fees*₹600
HP Endorsement Fees (if vehicle financed)*₹1,500
HSRP Number Plate + Smart Card Charges*₹413

* These are the fixed charges that one has to pay while buying a new car in Delhi
**Disclaimer – Road Tax and Registration Fee are based on the Price of the Car. If the Price changes the Tax is subject to change

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On Road Price

Total Price of The Car (Own Funds)₹1,182,013 + Insurance
Total Price of The Car (if Car Financed)₹1,183,513 (HP Endorsement Fees added) + Insurance

Note: For the final price please add insurance that you will purchase with the total price of the car.

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