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Form 28

RTO Form 28 is also called NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE is required from registering Authority when you are going to sell you vehicle. This form states that your vehicle does not have any legal liabilities which can prevent it from selling to other person.When it comes to legal liabilities i.e. no pending taxes, challan, or FIRs against the vehicle. When you are selling your vehicle then these 3 form will be sent to lawful owner by Registering Authority through registered post.

How to fill RTO Form 28 Application?

RTO Form 28 has 3 sections first section where you have to enter your personal and vehicles details, the second section is only applicable when the vehicle is under a Hire-purchase or Lease or Hypothecation agreement and the third section is an official endorsement of the NOC. 

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Detail step by step how we can fill the form is given below also a sample Form 28 is also filled for you in case you face any problem whit any section.

Step 1:  Top left-hand of the RTO Form 28, mention RTO address from where you want the NOC like RTO Delhi. In the next blank space, you have to write the name of the RTO where you wish to transfer your vehicle RTO Lucknow.
Step 2: In the next space you have to write the name, address, and state of the person who is buying your vehicle.
Step 3: Fill in your personal details
Step 4: If you not the original owner of the vehicle then mention Registering Authority who has initially registered the motor vehicle. for points 3 & 4.

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Step 5: If the vehicle is Battery Operated then enter the engine or motor number in point 6. In point 7, write the chassis number and also affix its pencil.
Step 6: In point 8, you have to mention the duration that you have stayed in the state from where you are seeking the NOC.
Step 7: In points 10, 11, you need to mention if any tax is pending or the vehicle is involved in any theft cases or not
Step 8: In point 12 you need to mention under sections 53, 54 or
55 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 is pending before any Registering Authority.
Step 9: You need to mention whether the vehicle is involved in any case
of transport of prohibited goods, if so, you have to give complete details or else you can fill -NA-
Step 10: Whether the vehicle is held under an agreement of hire-purchase/lease/hypothecation, if so give full name and
address of the Financier

Download Form 28

Documents to be Attached with Form 28

  • Name and address proof of the Registered Owner
  • Name and address proof of the buyer
  • Original Registration Certificate of the vehicle
  • Pencil print of the Engine Chassis
  • Pollution Control Certificate
  • Road Tax Certificate
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