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In order to modernize car registration operations and improve mobility, India adopted the BH series number plate. This initiative by the Indian government represents a big step toward streamlining automobile registration procedures while remaining compliant with modern norms. In this post, we will look at the logic for the BH series, the parameters used to design it, and the most current updates to the BH series framework.

Why BH Series Launched in India?

The introduction of the BH series i.e. Bharat Number plate was to simplify vehicle registration procedures for people who have to keep relocating from one state to another for work commitments. In India, each state has its RTO, and the process of re-registering vehicles in a new state leads to obstacles, including extensive paperwork, long waiting periods, and substantial financial implications in the form of road taxes and registration fees.

What is the BH Series Number Plate?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has recently announced the launch of BH Series Number plates for non-transport vehicles. The step is taken for the seamless transfer of motor vehicles across states and union territories of India.  By having BH series number plates, vehicle owners will need not perform the formalities required for obtaining a new vehicle number while shifting to some other state of the country.

  • The number plate will be in the format YY BH####XX, where,
  • YY stands for the year of registration,
  • BH stands for BHARAT,
  • #### stands for the digits that would be allotted to the vehicle owner randomly, and,
  • XX stands for some randomly allotted alphabets (except I & O).

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Eligibility for BH Series Number Plates

There are a specific group of individuals that are eligible for BH number plates. The eligibility criteria are as below:

  • People working for the State and Central Governments are eligible for BH number plates for their vehicles.
  • Defence sector personnel are also eligible for BH number plates for their vehicles.
  • Bank employees both PSU and private are eligible.
  • Administrative services employees
  • Private firm employees with offices in more than four states or union territories

Benefits of BH Series Number

Although, application for the BH Series mark is purely voluntary, having a BH Series mark for your vehicle might come with multiple benefits,

  • The vehicle owners will need not worry of the formalities involved before and during the application process of obtaining a vehicle marks for shifting to another state. 
  • The whole process will be online and thus, applicants will be able to register for their vehicles easily.
  • There is no need to pay the additional charges for obtaining a new vehicle number while shifting to some other state. 
  • BH Series number will also bring uniformity in the vehicle numbers around the country.

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How to apply for BH Series Number for Motor Vehicle Online?

To apply for BH series number for your vehicle follow the steps below

  • Step 1: Visit MoRTH’s Vahan portal or get help from the automobile dealer from whom you are purchasing the vehicle.
  • Step 2: You need to fill out Form 20 on the Vahan portal if you are going through dealer. Dealer will be filling out the form on your behalf.
  • Step 3: Private sector employees with offices in more than four states or UTs must submit Form 60 and provide their employment ID with a work certificate.
  • Step 4: The State Authorities verify the eligibility of the vehicle owner.
  • Step 5: The series type “BH” is selected during application.
  • Step 6: Required documents, such as the Working Certificate (Form 60) or a copy of the official ID card, are submitted.
  • Step 7: The Regional Transport Office (RTO) approves the BH series.
  • Step 8: There are taxes that you need to Pay to get the BH series number.

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Documents required for BH series number plate

  • For Government – Official Identity Card.
  • For Private sector employees – “Working Certificate“ in Form 60.

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How can we apply for the BH series Number Plate Offline?

There is no official announcement regarding the offline registration process.

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BH series Number Plate Fees

To make transfers convenient for these specific citizens, the government charges a different road tax amount, which allows them to move from one place to another without re-registration. 

 Price of CarRoad Tax on EV (electric vehicle)Road Tax on Petrol, CNG CarsRoad Tax on Diesel Cars
Below Rs.10 Lakh6%8%10%
Rs.10 Lakh – Rs.20 Lakh8%10%12%
> Rs.20 Lakh10%12%14%  

Moreover, an additional 2% tax would be levied on diesel vehicles, while a reduced 2% tax would be levied on electric vehicles. 

After the limit of 14 years, the vehicle owner would have to pay the tax annually for half the amount they previously paid for.

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Although the registration process was set to start from 15th September around the country, at present only Odisha has started the process, other states are yet to start it. 

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