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Vehicle Fitness Certificate

As per the Motor Vehicles Act Vehicle Fitness Certificate is mandatory for any vehicle to run on the road. This fitness certificate is issued by the manufacturer and also from other state RTO authorities after the inspection of its condition i.e. its pollution certificate, tax, insurance, and other such details. To drive vehicles that do not have a Fitness Certificate is considered an offense and the vehicle is considered as NON-Registered.

Note: Vehicles are issued the fitness certificate registration certificate which is valid for 15 years and then renewed its fitness for the next 5 years subsequently. 

Documents Required to Get Vehicle Fitness Certificate

  1. Application form 22 which is the initial certificate of compliance with pollution and safety standards of road-worthiness
  2. Receipt for Tax duly paid
  3. The Original Registration Certificate
  4. Certificate of Insurance
  5. A valid Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  6. Professional Tax Certificate, if needed
  7. Certificate of Permit, as per the requirement
  8. Pencil imprint of motor Vehicle Chassis
  9. Address Proof – Aadhaar Card/Voters Identity Card/Ration Card/valid Passport (Any One)
  10. Age Proof : Aadhaar Card/ School matriculation certificate/ Voter’s identity card / Valid Passport/ Birth certificate (Anyone)
  11. Passport-sized photograph

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Complete procedure to get Vehicle Fitness Certificate Online

Step 1: Visit Parivahan’s official website and Enter the Vehicle Registration number to avail “Application for fitness certificate” service and click the proceed box for the next page.

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Step 2: From the drop-down menu select Fitness Certificate service as shown in the image below.

Step 3: On the next page you are asked to fill fill the Chassis number and registered mobile number.

Step 4: Click on the “Generate OTP”, button and you can proceed further. OPT will be sent on the number that you have given while filling the form also pop-up message will be shown.

Step 5: You have to enter the OTP that you have received on your mobile number and Click on the show details button to proceed further.

Step 6: On the next page you will be required to fill in complete details and also provide the valid insurance details as given below. There is a fee that is applicable to get a Vehicle Fitness Certificate which is visible on the screen for the particular application. Now click on the payment button.

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Step 7: Confirm to move the application to the next stage.

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Step 8: You need to click on the make payment button which will allow you to select the payment gateway. Select the “SBIePAY” payment gateway for the e-payment. Accept the Terms and Conditions and you will soon be redirected to a new page containing the list of banks associated with SBIePAY. Select your bank and then click on the “proceed” button.

Step 9: Select your bank and then click on the “proceed” button. To make things easier we have shown the sample page below, select the “Pay Now” option. If the bank status is successful then transactions get approved and a fee receipt will be generated.

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