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TR-04 DHARAMANAGAR – RTO Vehicle Registration Details Tripura, get complete TR04 RTO city address details with RTO Office mobile number, email id, address, and functions of TR-04 Tripura

TR Registration – Regional Transport Office (RTO) TR-04

AddressDharmanagar, North Tripura, Tripura – 799250

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Information Available from Registration Certificate (RC)

  1. Full Registration Number: TR04 XX DHARAMANAGAR
  2. Chassis and Engine Number
  3. TR04 Owner’s Name
  4. Vehicle Class, Fuel Type, Make / Model Name, Vehicle Fitness details of TR04
  5. Insurance Details of TR04.

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Functions of TR-04 DHARAMANAGAR RTO Office in Tripura

DHARAMANAGAR RTO office plays a vital role when it comes to handling the Tripura Transport Department to establish and implement rules under the guidelines of the Motor Vehicle Act. Following are some of the functions of the office:

  • DHARAMANAGAR RTO is responsible to register vehicles and give them temporary and permanent registration numbers.
  • They are responsible to issue of learners’ licence and permanent licence
  • They are responsible for Renewal of drivers’ licence as well as registration certificate 
  • They are responsible for Issue of a duplicate licence and duplicate registration or hypothecation certificate.
  • Issue Pollution Certificate (PUC) to control pollution in DHARAMANAGAR , Tripura
  • and control and road tax collection
  • They are responsible for Tracking status of registration certificate 
  • They are responsible for No Objection Certificate for vehicle if it is bought in one state and registered in another state.
  • They are responsible for keeping a track record of offences committed by registered vehicles
  • They are responsible for Levying penalties against offences caused by a violation of the traffic rules
  • They are responsible for Issuing the vehicle fitness certificate to transport vehicles in DHARAMANAGAR
  •  They are responsible for Reform and initiate new rules according to the Motor Vehicles Act
  • They are responsible for Issuing international driving licence as per the applications
  • They are responsible for Regulating driving schools in DHARAMANAGAR
  • To grant registration for E-Autorickshaws and other innovative projects started by the Transport Department of DHARAMANAGAR , Tripura.

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