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Learning License

As we all know, obtaining a Driving License is important to drive any vehicle in India and without that, no one can be allowed to drive. As we all have excitement and eagerness to drive our own vehicles, there are a lot of things to be kept in mind when driving. Some of them are traffic rules and regulations, traffic signals, documents to be carried along with your vehicle while driving, and so on. And, one of the most crucial documents is License, License to drive freely on roads without any fear of penalty.

But, before obtaining a Driving License, it is mandatory to hold a Learner’s License first. As it is an important document, why don’t we discuss the whys, whens, and hows of Learning License? So, let us understand all this and much more about the Learning License with the help of this article.

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What is Learning License?

It is an official document issued by RTO Office temporarily or provisionally after the applicant clears the test ensuring his/her appropriate knowledge about the traffic rules, regulations and signals.  It can be obtained by online as well as offline method.

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What are the types of learners’ Licenses in Bihar?

  • Geared Motorcycles Learner’s License
  • Non-Geared Motorcycles Learner’s License
  • Light Motor Vehicles Learner’s License
  • Medium Goods Vehicles Learner’s License
  • Medium Passenger Vehicles Learner’s License
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles Learner’s License
  • Heavy Passenger Vehicles Learner’s License
  • Invalid Carriage Learner’s License
  • Specific Description Motor Vehicles Learner’s License

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What is the Eligibility Criteria for Learner’s License in Bihar?

  • The minimum age for getting a Learner’s License in case of Non-Geared Motorcycle up to 50 cc engine capacity is 16 years.
  • The minimum age for getting a Learner’s License in case of Light Motor Vehicle is 18 years.
  • The minimum age for getting a Learner’s License in case of Commercial Vehicles is 20 years. Also, it is mandatory for them to hold a Driving License for Light Motor Vehicle for at least a year.
  • Whosoever is applying for the Learner’s License must have a proper knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.

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What are the documents necessary for Learning License in Bihar?

  • Form 1
  • Form 1A
  • Form 2
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of Age (Ration Card/Passport/Pan Card/Voter ID/Birth Certificate/LIC Policy)
  • Proof of Address (Aadhar Card/Voter ID/Electricity Bill/Ration Card)
  • Fees of application Rs.150, and for the test Rs.50

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How to Apply for Learning License offline in Bihar?

  • Visit the closest RTO Office
  • Ask for an Application form from RTO Officials and related documents and fill it correctly, or download the form from
  • Attach all the documents mentioned above.
  • Submit the form as well as the passport-sized photographs.
  • Pay the fees for the application form.
  • Choose a suitable slot according to your time for Learner’s License Test.
  • Visit the RTO on the scheduled date and time and appear for the test.
  • If cleared the test, you will be issued the Learner’s License either immediately or at your given address.

How to Apply for Learning License online in Bihar?

  • Go to the official website of Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways
  • Click on the Online Services tab.
  • Select the “Driving License Related Services” tab.
  • Select “Apply Online”
  • Click on “New Learner’s License”
  • Read all the instructions and then click “Continue”
  • Fill all the information required and click Submit.
  • Scan and attach all the necessary documents required.
  • Pay the application fees using the preferred payment method.
  • Choose or select a suitable slot according to your time.
  • Visit the nearest RTO Office and appear for the Driving Test.
  • Once cleared the test, RTO will issue Learner’s License to your given address.

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What is the Test procedure of Learning License in Bihar?

The Test Procedure of Learning License includes the following points:

  1. The test is done to test the applicant’s knowledge about the roads, traffic, traffic signals, and rules and regulations.
  2. It is a written test as well as an online test, so you can appear either way.
  3. The test generally comprises of 20 questions and 12 questions are needed to be correctly answered in order to clear the test.
  4. If the applicant clears the test, the Learner’s License is granted immediately or after some time on the applicant’s given address.
  5. Once, the applicant gets the License, he/she have to put an “L” symbol on their vehicle and drive with an experienced driver.
  6. This symbol can be removed once the applicant gets the Driving License.

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How to make corrections in the Learning License?

  • Any corrections, whatsoever, can only be changed in the same RTO Office where your License was issued.
  • All the documents specified by RTO should be there with you in order to make the required corrections.
  • A copy of the Learner’s License must be submitted in the RTO office along with the application for corrections.
  • When the application is approved, you are required to pay the nominal fees for the application for which you will receive a receipt.
  • This receipt will act as a proof till the time you get a new Learner’s License issued by RTO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I renew my Learner’s License?

Yes, you can renew your Learner’s License after 6 months of validation period, only if you have not applied for Driving License.

Can I check Learning License status online in Bihar?

Yes, absolutely. You can check the Learning License status online in Bihar on the website or on the official website

Do I need to give a Driving Test in order to obtain Learner’s License Test in Bihar?

No, you need not to give a Driving test in order to obtain Learner’s License Test in Bihar.

Can I apply for Learning License online?

Yes, you can apply for Learning License online on the official website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on

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