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Learning License

Learning is a beautiful process and when it comes to learning driving that becomes exciting too. But its not that easy, not only you have to learn how to drive smoothly on Delhi roads that are full of street vendors, cars, buses, rikshaws, and people, but also you have to obtain a Learning License for the same. To get a Learning license you need to become much more responsible and aware about how traffic rules work. I am sure, you are aware! But the RTO office still have to test you. So, they conduct a Learner’s License Driving Test, to know if you are capable of driving on roads or not.

In the era of Internet and technology nothing is as difficult as it looks. You just have to follow the procedure given in the article and you will be obtaining your Learner’s License in no time. But you can only apply if you are 18 or above 18, if not, sorry! you will have to wait for your License.


One should get the learners license of what he one day seeks to get a permanent license in, for example, if you want to drive a commercial vehicle, you should acquire a learner’s license in that. There are precisely nine types of Learner’s License, these are:

  1. Light Motor Vehicles
  2. Heavy Goods or Commercial Vehicles
  3. Medium Goods Vehicles
  4. Gearless Motor Vehicles
  5. Non-geared Motor Vehicles
  6. Heavy Passenger Vehicles
  7. Medium Passenger Vehicles
  8. Road Rollers
  9. Carriage Vehicles

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  • The applicant must be of sixteen years or above to be eligible to apply for a learning license to drive a motor vehicle with engine capacity below 55 cc, which also subject to the condition that the parent or guardian should give a declaration in a prescribed manner.
  • The applicant must be of eighteen years or above to be eligible to apply for a learning license to drive a motor vehicle other than a transport vehicle.
  • The applicant must be of twenty years or above to be eligible for applying for a learning license to drive a transport vehicle.


  • Form 1
  • Form 1A
  • Form 2
  • 3 latest passport sized photographs
  • Proof of Address (Aadhar Card/Voter ID/ Passport)
  • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate/ Pan Card/Ration Card)
  • Proof of Citizenship (For overseas applicants)
  • Every copy attested by Gazetted officer or Notary public.
  • Proof of Educational Qualification (Minimum standard 8th pass for transport vehicle license)

Learning License Fees

There has been revision on the fees that was paid before for applying Learning License. With respect to the new rates Rs. 200/- will b e charges for Applying for a new Learner’s License.

License IssueOld FeesNew Fees
Applying for a new Learner’s LicenseRs. 30Rs. 200
Renewing old Learner’s LicenseRs. 40Rs. 200
Applying for a new Driving LicenseRs. 40Rs. 200
Renewing Driving LicenseRs. 50Rs. 200
Learner’s License RetestRs. 50Rs. 50
Driving License TestRs. 50Rs. 300
International Driving LicenseRs. 500Rs. 1000
Appeal Fee Against RTORs. 100Rs. 500
Renewal or Issue of License for Driving SchoolsRs. 2000Rs. 10000
Duplicate License Issue for Driving SchoolsRs. 2000Rs. 5000

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Here are the following steps to book a slot for the Learning License Test.

  • The slot, date and time for the test can be booked on
  • Click on the “Online Services” option.
  • Then click on “Driving License Related Services” option.
  • Select the State in which you which to apply for the License on the redirected page.
  • Select the “Appointments (Slot Booking)” option
  • Choose the option “Learner’s License Test”.
  • Enter the Application Number, Date of Birth along with the Verification code mentioned in the box.
  • Select “Submit” tab.
  • Check the details on the next page and select the slot that you prefer by selecting “Confirm to Book” option.
  • The date and time can be modified.
  • The Confirmation page can be printed, if desired.


Following are the steps for applying offline for a learning license:

  1. Visit the nearest RTO office.
  2. Request for Learner’s license Application form or download from
  3. Fill the form appropriately and attach the desired documents.
  4. Submit the form with Passport size photographs and the necessary documents.
  5. Pay the fees for Applying for the license.
  6. Choose a slot carefully to take a learner’s license driving test.
  7. Visit the RTO on selected date and slot, and give the test.
  8. If you cleared the test, the RTO will issue the learner’s license on the given address.

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Following are the steps for applying online for a learning license:

  1. Visit the official website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways  or the website of Delhi Regional Transport Department
  2. Click on the “Online Services” drop down tab.
  3. Then, select the “Driving License Related Services” option.
  4. When you get redirected to the new page, select the desired State you want the Learning license in.
  5. On the left side, you will see an “Apply Online” option, where you have to select “New Learner’s License”.
  6. Read all the important instructions carefully, and then click “Continue”.
  7. Click the required information correctly and then select “Submit” option.
  8. Scan and attach your documents.
  9. Pay the fees for applying online for learner’s license.
  10. Choose a Learner’s License Test slot.
  11. Visit RTO nearest to your place and give the test.
  12. If you cleared the test, the RTO will issue the learner’s license on the given address.


  1. Once submitted and applied successfully for a learner’s license test, you are required to give an eye test.
  2. Once that is cleared, you can give the License test.
  3. The test is oral as well as written and is based on your educational qualification.
  4. It comprises of 20 multiple-choice questions.
  5. It is a test to check your knowledge about the roads, traffic rules, signs, regulations, dos and don’ts in different situations.
  6. You need to score at least 60% or 12/20 to clear the test.
  7. If you are unable to clear the test, no worries, you can give the test next week.

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You can apply for a duplicate license if you have lost your original one. Here are some steps that you can follow in case of applying for a duplicate Learner’s License.

  1. Visit the RTO office or website and correctly fill out the Learning License form.
  2. Attach the desired documents along with two passport-size photos.
  3. Enter the details of the misplaced or stolen Learning License carefully.
  4. Lodge a complaint or FIR if the License is stolen and attach a copy of the same.
  5. Pay the application fees.


  1. Learner’s License Details
  2. Proof of Age
  3. Proof of Address
  4. Correctly filled application for Duplicate License
  5. Copy of FIR, if the original license is stolen
  6. Application fees


If you find mistakes or corrections to be made when receiving the license, you can easily apply for corrections too. Here are some steps to be followed in order to correct your license.

  1. The corrections to be made in your license can only be made in the same RTO where you applied for the license in the first place.
  2. The documents specified by the RTO office, are to be submitted for corrections.
  3. A copy of the Learner’s license along with an application for requested changes in the license should be submitted.
  4. When the application is approved, a nominal fee is charged for the corrections to be made by the applicant.
  5. On payment of fees, a receipt is issued which can be used as proof till the time you receive a new license from RTO office.

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  1. Make sure no vehicle is coming from behind, while you are getting inside the vehicle.
  2. Adjust your seat and fasten your seat belt.
  3. Adjust both the rare-view and side-view mirror.
  4. Hold the leg brake and release the hand break.
  5. Before you start the vehicle, see if is in the neutral gear.
  6. Stay alert and aware of the surroundings while driving out of parking.
  7. Switch the respective indicators on, when you take a turn.
  8. Drive cautiously and slowly.
  9. When parking, look around, and maintain proper distance from objects, people, and other vehicles.
  10. Ensure that no vehicle is approaching when you are coming out of the car.

Frequently Asked Questions For Learning License

Can I obtain a DL in Lucknow, if I have a Learning License issued in Delhi?

Yes, absolutely you can apply for the DL in Lucknow, only if you are provided with a No Objection Certificate by the RTO Office in Delhi

Is the Learning License issued in a State valid across India?

No, the Learning License issued in a State is valid only there and not across India.

What is Form 2?

It is an application form to be filled while applying for the Learner’s License. It is one of the forms to be correctly filled and submitted in RTO Office.

I am 18 now. Can I apply for the Learning License?

Yes, for sure. You can apply for the Learning License by applying for the same as discussed in the article.

For how long is the Learner’s License valid?

The Learner’s license is valid for 6 months from the date of issue of the license.

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