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Transfer Ownership of Vehicle

As the craze for owning vehicles is increasing day by day, people want to take either brand new cars with the latest technology, engine, model, color, and other specifications or the people are keen to procure used vehicles but not that much depreciated in value and performance, just for the sake of owning a vehicle. And why is owning a vehicle a big deal? Well, this is because if you have your own vehicle, you have the convenience to travel wherever you want, it is super easy and smooth to reach anywhere and now is also a symbol of class for a lot of people. Cars already come under luxury needs and when the car manufacture says it’s an SUV or XUV; people believe it and want to procure its comfort and class. But, what if you are low on budget? Then, you can buy a second-hand car and enjoy the benefits.

Is purchasing a second-hand car or vehicle is all that you have to worry about? No. You have to take care of things like transfer of ownership from the seller to your name. And you can easily do it if you follow the article below. So, let us start with the whole process of transfer ownership and how can it be done efficiently to avoid any hassle in the future

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Documents required for Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle

  1. Form 20
  2. Form 27
  3. Form 33
  4. Original Registration Certificate (RC) of vehicle
  5. No Objection Certificate from RTO
  6. Duly attested copy of Address proof
  7. Attested copy of Driving License of the car owner
  8. Duly attested copy of PUC Certificate
  9. Pan Card, its copy
  10. Form 60 or 61
  11. Passport Sized photos of the applicant
  12. Bank NOC, if the vehicle is under a loan
  13. Copy of valid insurance

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Procedure of transfer ownership of vehicle in Mumbai

  1. Visit your nearest RTO office.
  2. Ask for the required form related to transfer ownership
  3. Fill them appropriately
  4. Submit and attach all the above-mentioned documents along with the form.
  5. Submit the fees
  6. The entire transfer process will take at least 30 days to complete.
  7. You can check the status of RC if required after 30 days.

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How to check the status of RC after completing the transfer procedure?

  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter the Registration number and verification code
  3. Click “Check Status”
  4. The status of your RC will be shown to you.

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How to procure NOC from RTO when the seller and buyer reside in different RTO areas?

  1. Get the car de-registered in the original RTO
  2. Obtain a NOC, by filling form28 to the original RTO.
  3. Submit the required fees.
  4. You will receive the NOC.
  5. If, the state of buyer and seller are different then they are required to fill form29 in the original RTO and obtain NOC.

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Documents required for the Re-registration of vehicle after Interstate transfer

  1. Form 20
  2. Form 27
  3. Form 33
  4. NOC from previous RTO
  5. Original RC from another state
  6. Copy of proof of address (Attested)
  7. Copy of Driving License of the owner (Attested)
  8. Copy of PUC Certificate (Attested)
  9. Copy of Pan card (Attested)
  10. Bank NOC if the vehicle is under loan
  11. Passport sized photographs
  12. Form 60 or 61

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What are documents required for the payment refund of Road Tax, if the car is purchased from a different state?

  1. Application of road tax refund
  2. Form 16, correctly filled
  3. Copy of new registration certificate
  4. Copy of old registration certificate
  5. Proof of Address
  6. Proof of ID
  7. Insurance policy with new registration number

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If I purchased a car from Mumbai and I live in Bangalore, do I need to pay road tax?

Yes, of course. You need to pay road tax if the car is purchased from a different state.

What documents are considered as Proof of Address?

Proof of address documents can be Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID, Electricity Bill, Ration Card, Registered Rent Agreement, Telephone bill, etc.

How do I check RC Transfer status?

You can visit the website to check the status of RC Transfer.

How much time does it take for RC Transfer to get completed?

The RC Transfer takes as long as 30 days or more than that, to completely transfer the ownership from seller to buyer after the submission of all the documents in RTO Office.

Is it necessary to get an NOC if I have to transfer ownership of the vehicle from one RTO to another RTO?

Yes, it is mandatory to obtain NOC from the RTO where the vehicle is registered and submitted to the RTO where the vehicle will be registered again.

Maharashtra Vehicle Registration Details

Mumbai (South)MH-01Pune NorthMH-27
Mumbai (West)MH-02BuldanaMH-28
Mumbai (East)MH-03YavatmalMH-29
NashikMH-14Wadi, Nagpur (rural)MH-40
AhmednagarMH-15Malegaon, Nashik DistrictMH-41
Shrirampur, Ahmednagar DistrictMH-16Baramati, PuneMH-42
DhuleMH-17Navi MumbaiMH-43
JalgaonMH-18Ambejogai, BeedMH-44
AurangabadMH-19Akluj, SolapurMH-45
Jalna CityMH-20PanvelMH-46
ParbhaniMH-21Mumbai NorthMH-47
LaturMH-23Nagpur EastMH-49
AmravatiMH-26Ratnagiri districtMH52

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