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As we are heading towards an era where safety and security is the main concern of every individual, the soundness of our family members is what we seek for them when they step out of the house, the CNG Kit is like a blessing to us. CNG fuel is far better and more affordable as compared to other fuels used in vehicles. Compressed Natural Gas is not only eco-friendly but also cheaper than petrol or diesel. CNG use is also supported by the government of India and as of now, 20 kits are already approved that are suitable for vehicle installation in India.

The basic components of CNG include Methane and CH4 and hence, CNG is considered comparatively better than even LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas. CNG is lighter than other fuels and is less dense than air. This is a great advantage as now we know that CNG cannot catch fire even if it mixes with the air. CNG emits Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and a very less amount of Carbon Monoxide (CO3) which is good for the environment as a whole. Effective and better guidance for the safe installation of CNG users is offered by the Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (VRDE) or the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

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Types of CNG Kits

There are two types of CNG Kits that are available and most suitable for vehicle installation that are:

  1. Venturi CNG
  2. Sequential CNG
  3. Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Sequential Systems

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What is Venturi CNG?

It is a CNG Kit that gives the right amount of gas into the engine’s vehicle. It is affordable, easy to install, and much more eco-friendly as compared to other kits. These kits provide only the appropriate amount of gas necessary for the engine’s intake based on the input from the throttle. The kit is fuel-injected or carburetor-driven and can install either with or without the Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

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What is Sequential CNG?

It is a CNG Kit that is considered a better option when it comes to automobile installation. They control the gas flow with the help of injectors that are fitted with petrol injectors in the manifold. It provides a separate ECU that controls electronically and monitors the amount of gas pushed into the engine.

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What is a Closed loop Sequential System?

These CNG Kits are a much more eco-friendly option as this kit uses the oxygen or lambda sensor that is put up in the exhaust of the vehicle to sense and pass it back to the ECU. It is important to check that the emissions from the exhaust are within the permissible limit. It not only controls the CNG gas flow in the engine but also prevents excessive pollution.

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What is an Open loop Sequential System?

The Open loop Sequential System does not use the oxygen or lambda sensor. This system is used for drivers who want to accelerate as and when they need and inject as much gas into the engine as they demand.

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What are RTO-approved CNG Kit brands?

Here are some of the RTO-approved CNG kit brands in India and their prices:

Lovato Autogas₹31,999

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CNG Kit price in India

KIT TypePrice
Sequential KitOriginal OBD-II –Rs.55000; Rs.33000-Rs.37000 including installation.
Conventional Kits (Closed Loop)Rs.22000-Rs.25000 (including installation)
Conventional Kits (Open Loop)Rs.15000-Rs.20000 (including installation)
Additional ChargesRs.2000-Rs.3000 (Registration charges and RC Endorsement) Rs.1200-Rs.1500 (Added Insurance Endorsement Premium)

How to maintain a CNG Kit?

  1. After completing about 5000 kms, clean the air filter of the CNG Kit
  2. After completing almost 10000 km, replace the air filter of the CNG Kit
  3. After 20000 km, replace the spark plug of your vehicle and change the CNG cartridges
  4. After completing about 40000 km replace the cartridges with the low-pressure cartridges
  5. For optimum performance, maintain the spark plug and air filter from time to time.

What is the CNG Kit Warranty, Performance, and how to install CNG Kit?

CNG Kit Warranty

A full CNG cylinder can warranty up to 200 km of mileage before it requires to be refilled. If a CNG kit is installed in your vehicle while the warranty is still valid, the vehicle’s warranty will become void.

CNG Kit Performance

CNG engine is much more efficient and eco-friendly as compared to a petrol engine, and also it is more cost-effective than a regular petrol vehicle. As compared with the petrol vehicle CNG is 40 percent more efficient and power-driven than the use of petrol for 1 liter. It increases the vehicle’s mileage significantly.

CNG Kit Installation

  1. Choose a kit from an approved and authorized CNG station.
  2. Italian sequential CNG Kits are considered the best quality kits.
  3. CNG Kits should be installed by professional and expert-level technicians
  4. Complete the required paperwork, insurance as the warranty of the vehicle is considered void as and when the installation starts.

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Advantages of having a CNG Kit in your vehicle

  1. Mileage and Efficiency: CNG vehicle uses less fuel for the same distance traveled by petrol or diesel vehicle. You get better mileage and efficiency for your vehicle using the CNG kit.
  2. Safety: CNG is not flammable. Hence, it is safer in case of an accident or mishap. CNG vehicle for the same reason is preferred more by the people.
  3. Eco-Friendly: As compared to petrol and diesel vehicles, CNG Kit is more eco-friendly as it produces significantly lower levels of Carbon Dioxide from the engine.
  4. Cost-Effective: CNG Kits are cheaper in comparison with petrol vehicles and enable you to save money with respect to fuel expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

CNG Kit can be installed by anyone?

No, the CNG Kit should be procured and installed by authorized dealers and technicians that are experts in installing the CNG Kit.

Is a CNG vehicle better than a petrol or diesel vehicle?

If we talk about Economic cost, Eco-friendliness, and safety, CNG is much better as compared to petrol and diesel vehicle.

Is CNG bad for the engine?

No, absolutely not. In fact, CNG is good for the engine of your vehicle as it makes it much more efficient and power-driven and gives more mileage as compared to petrol vehicles.

Is CNG safe?

Yes, definitely. CNG is safe and inflammable and ignites only at a temperature as high as 649 degree Celsius whereas petrol vehicle ignites at 315 degree Celsius.

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