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As the world is getting modernized and familiar with technology, we are getting smart gadgets, TVs, Phones and even smart cards. With the easy and fast way the technology is working for us, an efficient use of it is always seen in one or the other thing. If we talk about the updation in technology on roads, we can see CCTV cameras, E-Challans, various forms available online and the last but not the least, Smart Card Driving License.

So, what is a Smart Card Driving License? How can it be much more efficient than the Driving Licenses issued before? How to apply for the same? All this and much more will be covered by me in this article. Let us get to know all of these aspects one by one.

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What is a Smart Card Driving License?

A Driving License which is issued as a card and has a smart chip inserted in the card that holds the biometric and other details of the Card or License holder is a Smart Card Driving License. It is an updated version of the old booklet form of Driving License and is easy to use, carry and does not get damaged easily. It is a smarter way of RTO to keep and get your information through just a chip rather than a bulky booklet issued before this Smart Card.

This card is made up of high-quality plastic and a 64kb microprocessor is embedded in the card. Also, this card looks like a Debit or Credit card, and all data in it is stored in the Regional Transport Office’s Server.

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The details of the features on the card would be as under:

Front Side

Sr.No.FeaturesFont Name
1Card HeaderMyriad Pro Bold
2National EmblemSymbol
3Driving Licence NumberMyriad Pro Bold
4Date of First Issue DD/MM/YYYYMyriad Pro Regular
5NameMyriad Pro Regular
6Date of BirthMyriad Pro Regular
7Son/Daughter/ Wife NameMyriad Pro Regular
8AddressMyriad Pro Regular
9Blood GroupMyriad Pro Regular
10Organ DonorMyriad Pro Regular
11DL NumberMyriad Pro Regular
12Holder’s SignMyriad Pro Regular
13Card Issue DateMyriad Pro Regular
15State/UT CodeMyriad Pro Regular
16Validity(T)Myriad Pro Regular
17Validity (NT)Myriad Pro Regular

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Reverse Side

Sr. No.FeaturesFont Name
1Invalid Carriage (Registration No.): if applicableMyriad Pro Regular
2Driving Licence NumberMyriad Pro Bold
3Chip number (applicable in case of chip based card)Myriad Pro Regular
4Vehicle class tableMyriad Pro
5Licensing AuthorityMyriad Pro Regular
6Form 7 Rule 16(2)Myriad Pro
7QR code (As specified by Central Government)NA
10Hazardous Validity: if applicableMyriad Pro Regular
11Hill Validity: if applicableMyriad Pro Regular
12Emergency Contact No.Myriad Pro Regular

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Advantages or Benefits of using a Smart Card Driving License

  1. It eliminates the chances of fake identities as it is a tamper-proof card or less likely to get tampered and holds all the details about the Cardholder.
  2. The data saved in the card is a permanent record, and the requested corrections or alterations can be done, but other details are permanently saved in the servers.
  3. It takes less space, more durable, and easy to use, looks smart.
  4. The information or data is stored incautious and secure way.
  5. Only traffic police have a device to read the card, no one else can read or get the information even if the card is stolen or misplaced.

Eligibility Criteria for Smart Card Driving License

  1. The applying candidate must have completed 18 years of age, for being eligible to hold a S3CDL for a motor vehicle of more than 50cc.
  2. The applying candidate must have completed the 16 years of age, for being eligible to hold a SCDL for a motor vehicle of less than 50 cc and also requires a letter of consent from his/her parents or guardians.
  3. The applying candidate must have completed the 20 years of age, for being eligible to hold a SCDL for a heavy vehicle and should have completed his/her 8th standard education.

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Documents required for Smart Card Driving License

  1. Form 4 (Permanent License)
  2. Form 1 (Physical Fitness)
  3. Form 1A (Medical Certificate)
  4. Proof of Address (Aadhar Card/Passport/Ration Card/House Agreement/Utility Bills)
  • Proof of Age (Pan Card/Passport/Birth Certificate/SSC Certificate)
  • Passport Sized Photographs
  • Smart Card Driving License form

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Smart Card Driving License Form

The Smart Card Driving License Form is the form to be duly filled for receiving a Smart Card Driving License. It comprises of the following sections:

  1. Visual Inspection Zone: It is for the basic details of the applicant and the vehicle he/she is applying for.
  2. Machine Readable Zone: It is having detailed and thorough information about the DL, such as the serial number of the chip, the authority issuing the card, etc.
  3. Central Motor Vehicle and its rules: It is the section comprising of what fines or punishments and penalties are there for different things.

How to apply for a Smart Card Driving License offline in Delhi?

  1. Visit the closest RTO Office.
  2. Fill all the forms necessary to be filled and attach the required documents with them.
  3. Submit the application in the RTO Office.
  4. Pay the applicable fees and receive a receipt for the same.
  5. Select a suitable schedule for Driving License Test based on your availability.
  6. Give the Test on the schedule chosen.
  7. When you clear the Test, you will be directed towards collection center for collecting your biometric details.
  8. You will get your SCDL on your given address.

How to apply online for a Smart Card Driving License in Delhi?

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on “Online Services”
  3. Then select, “Driving License Related Services”
  4. When redirected to the website select the desired State you are applying DL in.
  5. Select the “Apply Online” menu
  6. Click on “New Driving License”
  7. Fill the personal details about yourself, upload related documents, a passport-sized photograph, and signature.
  8. Select a Slot for Driving License Test if applicable.
  9. Pay the applicable fees.
  10. As per scheduled test timings, visit the RTO.
  11. Give your Biometric details on the biometric collection center.
  12. You will receive your SCDL on your given address, after some time.

Fees charged for Smart Card Driving License

The fees charged for Smart Card Driving License is Rs.200, but the fees can be different in different States. This amount is to be paid when the application form is submitted, whether online or offline.

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How to convert Old Book form Driving License into New Smart Card Driving License?

  1. Visit your nearest RTO office.
  2. Give your Biometric details such as Fingerprint scanner, Retina scanned, photograph, and digital signature.
  3. When your SCDL is activated, it will carry all your information in the form of a microprocessor chip embedded in the card.
  4. After giving all the necessary information, your data will be saved in the RTO database.
  5. You will receive your SCDL at some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long is the Smart Card Driving License valid?

For 20 years, the Smart Card Driving License is valid and you have to apply for renewing the card.

How to check whether my State offer SCDL?

You can check whether your State supports SCDL or not on your State’s RTO website.

Can I make corrections in my SCDL?

Yes, you can make corrections in your SCDL by visiting your nearest RTO Office and requesting the changes required.

What if I lose my SCDL?

You can first report an FIR at the police station under whose jurisdiction the card is lost. Then you can apply for a duplicate SCDL in the RTO Office closest to you.

Is it compulsory to hold a Smart Card Driving License?

It is not compulsory but advisable. As the Smart Card Driving License have a lot of benefits as compared to the older Driving License.

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