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Himachal Pradesh

The number of traffic accidents has been on a rise on a wide scale in India. Because of this, authorities are taking measures to reduce road accidents to make the road safer in India.

The major reason for the high number of road accidents is the people are not following the traffic guidelines. Driving on a road implies you need to drive in a predictive manner, where other drivers or pedestrians are aware of where you will be driving. These rules are broken mainly due to less number of traffic police as compared to vehicles on the road. Not every person will be booked challan since the load on the traffic police is more. To help the traffic police and to make sure that people follow traffic rules even when no one is watching, traffic police are now taking the help of Electronic Traffic Challan System, commonly known as E-Challan System.

What is a Challan?

Challan is an official written text on a paper piece issued to a person in particular who violates a protocol. A challan can be issued for violation of traffic regulations and rules as decided by the state. If challan is issued in your name, you have to pay the fine as mentioned in The Motor Vehicles Act, 2019. A police officer holds the right to issue a challan in the name of any person who is not following traffic rules and regulations.

What is E-Challan?  

The E-Challan is nothing but an electronically generated challan with the help of the Electronic Traffic Challan System. E-Challan has replaced the physical paper pieces which were issued when the physical challan was issued. Now the system is not wasting paper but using technology to their benefit. From a person breaking a traffic rule in Himachal Pradesh to him/her paying the fine, all the stages have been digitalized due to the E-Challan System.  

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How does E-Challan work?

The traffic police have introduced the CCTV-enabled E-Challan system in an attempt to curb the rising number of road accidents in Himachal Pradesh. The CCTV camera is continuously recording the footage of the ongoing traffic. If the rule is broken, the act will be recorded in the footage. The police will extract the vehicle number from the captured image and the offense will be registered in the records.

The traffic police then coordinate with the Regional Transport Office(RTO) to find the details of the vehicle owner. These details include, name, make, model of the vehicle, and address of the owner. As soon as the details are received, the challan SMS will be sent on the registered mobile number of the violator. This SMS will contain the time, date, and location of the offense.

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How to check the Status of E-Challan?

  1. Go to the official website: echallan.parivahan.gov.in
  2. Look for the option, ‘Check Challan Status’ on the right side of the page.
  3. Click the ‘Check Challan Status’.
  4. A new page will open up. Put the required details.
  5. Now, a new page will show your Challan Status.
  6. If there is no challan due, the ‘No Challan Found’ dialog will appear.
  7. If there is a pending fine against your name, then the details of the challan will be reflected on the webpage.

How to pay the E-Challan online in Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Open the website: https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in/index/accused-challan
  2. Enter the details: Details will include, 1. E-Challan Number, 2.Driving License Number, 3.Vehicle Number.
  3. Enter the given Captcha Code and click ‘Get Detail’.
  4. The details of the E-Challan will be shown on the next page.
  5. Click on ‘Pay Now’, under the payment column.
  6. Choose a payment mode from Net Banking, Debit card, Credit Card.
  7. When the payment is received the confirmation message is sent to the registered mobile number.

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 Traffic Fines in Himachal Pradesh

Traffic ViolationsFines
Traffic signal violationRs. 150 – Rs.500
Driving in a restricted areaRs. 150 – Rs.500
Dangerous parkingRs. 150 – Rs.500
Blowing Horn UnnecessarilyRs. 2000
Dangerously overtakingRs. 150 – Rs.500
The unlawful seizing of a vehicleRs. 5000
Without insurance drivingRs.2000 – Rs.4000
Driving without PUCRs.2000
Driving an unregistered vehicleRs. 2000-Rs. 4000
Use of vehicle without a permitRs.10,000
Overloading a commercial vehicleRs.20,000 –Rs. 1 lakh
Carrying extra passengersRs.200- Rs.1000
Not using a helmet or safety beltRs.1000
Stopping the way of an emergency vehicleRs. 10,000
Driving a tinted glass vehicleRs. 1000-Rs.2000

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Himachal Pradesh Vehicle Registration Details

RTO LocationRTO CodeRTO LocationRTO Code
Bangana HP-78Gohar (Mandi)HP-32
Dodra KawarHP-77Sunder NagarHP-31
Hamirpur HP-67Karsog HP-30
Shimla HP-63Joginder NagarHP-29
DodraKwar HP-62Sarkaghat HP-28
Manali HP-58Kalpa HP-25
Chowari HP-57Ghumarwin HP-23
Jaisinghpur HP-56Hamirpur HP-22
Nadaun HP-55Barsar HP-21
Jawali HP-54Una HP-20
Baijnath HP-53Amb HP-19
Shimla (Rural)HP-52Paonta SahibHP-17
Chamba HP-48Rajgarh HP-16
Bharmour HP-46Parwanoo HP-15
Pangi HP-45Kandaghat HP-13
Dharamshala HP-39Nalagarh HP-12
Palampur HP-37Arki HP-11
Dehra HP-36Rohru HP-10
Anni HP-35Rampur HP-06
Kullu HP-34Shimla UrbanHP-03
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FAQs regarding E-challan in Himachal Pradesh

Q1: What happens when the traffic challan is not paid?

A1: If you think of dodging en e-challan, you should know you are taking a dangerous route. E-Challan is the talk of the town, if you are thinking of getting away with it, you are walking on a piece of thin ice, my friend. Here is what going to happen if you don’t pay your fine:

  1. A police constable will visit the registered address to collect the challan.
  2. If the challan is not paid, then the person guilty will be summoned by the court to clarify to the judge for breaking the traffic rules.
  3. Still, if the person does not appear in court, then his license will be suspended.

Q2: Can we pay E-Challan using Paytm?

A2: Yes, you can do so by installing the app from the play store. 

  1. Open the Paytm App.
  2. Go to the option, Challan Bill Payment.
  3. Select the traffic authority.
  4. Enter the details such as your Challan Number, etc.
  5. Click on the proceed button.
  6. Enter the challan amount.
  7. Proceed with the payment.
  8. Select the payment mode.
  9. Pay the amount.

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