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DL-13 is the RTO Code for Surajmal Vihar / Shahdara East Delhi office which is one among the 18 RTO office in Delhi. It comes under the jurisdiction of the East Delhi District Zonal Office of the Transport Department of Delhi which was established under section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

DL Registration – Regional Transport Office (RTO) DL-13

CityEast Delhi – Surajmal Vihar / Shahdara
AddressSurajmal Vihar, East Delhi, Delhi – 110092

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Functions of DL-13 Surajmal Vihar / Shahdara RTO Office in Delhi

Surajmal Vihar / Shahdara rto make sure that all the functions according to Motor Vehicles Act should be followed in the region. Some of the functions according to DL 13 RTO Office in Delhi are as follows :

  • They are responsible to Issue of learners’ licence as well as permanent licence
  • Renewal of drivers’ licence for Surajmal Vihar / Shahdara also comes under SL 13 RTO Office
  • Issue of registration certificate for vehicle in area Surajmal Vihar / Shahdara.
  • Issue of a duplicate licence if original one is lost
  • Issue of duplicate registration or hypothecation 
  • Pollution check and control
  • Collection of road tax as per the Motor Vehicle act.
  • Tracking status of registration certificate 
  • Keeping a track record of offences committed by registered vehicles
  • Levying penalties against offences caused by violation of the traffic rules
  • Ensure and promote road safety so as to lower down the case of accident
  • Reform and initiate new rules according to Motor Vehicles Act
  • Issuing international driving licence for those who apply
  • Regulating driving schools so that proper driving lessons can be given.

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