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Traffic is part of our life now. We are used to facing traffic whether one owns a vehicle or not. Not only this, now we have become habitual to the traffic signals, traffic police, the rules, and regulations while driving. Even the children are taught in early schooling that what are the basic and key rules and regulations while walking on the street or crossing the street. All this has made the job of traffic police complicated and difficult. Hence, E-Challan came into being. E-Challan is the electronic challan that is generated with the help of cameras installed on the streets that captures the traffic disrupter and catches the defaulter with much ease as compared to traffic police themselves. E-Challan is easy to issue and pay as well. The defaulters can pay online with the help of a website and check the status of their Challan with the same. Let us know more about the E-Challan status check and payment in Telangana.

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What is E-Challan?

E-Challan is the Electronic Challan generated with the help of installed cameras on the street and can be paid in cash or at e-Seva center or by online payment mode. If a person breaks the traffic rules and regulations, he/she is liable to pay a penalty in accordance with Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Telangana government has introduced Traffic Penalty Points System. This system keeps adding a certain number of points to our license every time we violate traffic laws. This system started on August 1st, 2017.

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How to Check Status for E-Challan in Telangana?

The following are the steps to check status for E-Challan in Telangana:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter the vehicle number
  3. Enter captcha and puzzle and click Go
  4. Check the traffic violation status.
  5. If no E-Challans to your vehicle is there, it shows “No More Pending E-Challan”

How to Pay E-Challan in Telangana?

The following are the steps to pay E-Challan in Telangana:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter the Vehicle Number along with the captcha details and click Go
  3. Check the status of your E-Challan
  4. Select the box you want to pay E-Challan for.
  5. Select the payment gateway
  6. Select the payment option.
  7. Enter your E-mail ID
  8. Make payment.
  9. Note down the reference number for future use.
  10. Enter card details and select submit.

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What is 12 Point System of Telangana Traffic Police?

The 12-point system in Telangana helps to refrain the frequent defaulters by suspending their license if they got 12 points within 24 months or 2 years.  The offenses like driving with no helmet, driving an uninsured vehicle, driving in the wrong route, over speeding, etc are allotted different points. If a person gets more than 12 points in 24 months his/her license will be suspended.

How does Telangana State Police integrated E-Challan System work?

The integrated E-Challan system was introduced by Telangana State Police and it makes it convenient for others to pay fines. According to this system, those who have to pay a fine need not stand in long queues at the e-Seva centre, they can just swipe a card to pay the desirable amount with the help of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) machines which are there with Traffic police. As per the integrated E-Challan system, the traffic police launched excellent PDAs which are inbuild with GPRS connectivity and an attached card reader. With the help of this, the violator can pay instantly for the Challan by their debit/credit cards. The PDAs have access to the traffic police central server and help in generating on-the-spot challan and gives details about the previous challans of the violator as well. The violator is given receipt after the fine is received.

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The key characteristics of the Telangana State Police integrated E-Challan system are:

  1. Live connectivity to E-Challan main server.
  2. On the spot, Challan is issued.
  3. An onscreen Keyboard is available for nighttime enforcement.
  4. Upgraded servers and computer systems are employed.
  5. 15 Mbps bandwidth for the traffic police station to stay in touch with the E-Challan server.
  6. PDAs and E-Challan software can be customized.

Traffic Rules and Penalties implemented on their violations.

Traffic RulesFines
Driving without LicenseRs.500
Driving without Proper RegistrationRs.2000
Driving without proper insuranceRs.1000
Driving when you are less than 18 years oldRs.500
Entering No Entry areaRs.200
One way ViolationRs.200
U-Turn ViolationRs.200
Entering a prohibited areaRs.200
Negligent Driving or Over SpeedingRs.200
Running away after committing an accidentCourt
Driving a vehicle that is unsafe to useCourt
Not wearing a HelmetRs.200
Driving a vehicle without permissionAction by RTO
The unauthorized person driving a vehicleRs.1000
Driving on the wrong side of the roadRs.1100

Traffic Violations and Penalty Points associated with them

Traffic ViolationsPenalty Points
Not wearing a helmet or seatbelt while driving1 point
Driving without Insurance2 points
Rash Driving or Taking the wrong route2 points
Drunk Driving – Two-wheelers3 Points
Drunk Driving – Four wheelers4 points
Drunk Driving – Government vehicle5 points
Car/Bike race3 points
Driving without a PUC certificate2 points
Parking on the highways2 points
Committing crime like chain snatching while driving5 points
If cases are filed under IPC  279, 336, 337 and 338 sections2 points
If cases are filed under 304 (A), 304 (II)5 points

Telangana RTO Vehicle Registration Details

Telangana RTORTO Codes
Adilabad districtTS-1
Karimnagar districtTS-2
Warangal Urban districtTS-3
Khammam districtTS-4
Nalgonda districtTS-5
Mahbubnagar districtTS-6
Ranga ReddyTS-7
Medchal-Malkajgiri DistrictTS-8
Hyderabad CentralTS-9
Hyderabad NorthTS-10
Hyderabad EastTS-11
Hyderabad SouthTS-12
Hyderabad WestTS-13
Reserved for HyderabadTS-14
Sangareddy districtTS-15
Nizamabad districtTS-16
Kamareddy districtTS-6
Nirmal districtTS-18
Mancherial districtTS-19
Kumaram Bheem Asifabad districtTS-20
Jagtial districtTS-21
Peddapalli districtTS-22
Sircilla districtTS-23
Warangal (rural) districtTS-24
Jayashankar Bhupalpally districtTS-25
Mahabubabad districtTS-26
Jangaon districtTS-27
Bhadradri Kothagudem districtTS-28
Suryapet districtTS-29
Yadadri Bhuvanagiri districtTS-30
Nagarkurnool districtTS-31
Wanaparthy districtTS-32
Jogulamba Gadwal districtTS-33
Vikarabad districtTS-34
Medak districtTS-35
Siddipet districtTS-36

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many challans are allowed in Hyderabad?

Up to 10 pending challans are allowed in Hyderabad after which a charge sheet will be filed against the violator and the vehicle will be confiscated. The person has to then appear before the court in order to retrieve his/her vehicle.

What happens if you do not pay challan on time?

If you do not pay challan on time most likely your case will proceed to court where you will have to give your clarification for not paying challan.

Is there any app to pay and check traffic challans by RTA Telangana?

You can check as well as pay E-Challan through Vahan Jankari web application.

How to check ts e challan status near warangal?

Visit the website
Enter the vehicle number
Enter captcha and puzzle and click Go
Check the traffic violation status.
If no E-Challans to your vehicle is there, it shows “No More Pending E-Challan”

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