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Delhi Traffic Challan

Delhi, one of the busiest cities of India, filled with vehicles, food carts, spice stalls, vibrant bazaars has always been in motion, road full of people and tourists all over the city. Due to its operational nature a lot of people get employed here which leads to overpopulation in the city. Then the overpopulation gradually leads to a greater number of vehicles, hence the accidents and incidents related to roads and driving.

Although the police department is working with great efforts by focusing on traffic rules for the safety of each and every individual, then too people seldom make mistakes of breaking these rules at their own risk. For proper implementation of laws and fines proposed for breaking them, Police is doing a wonderful job in this technology driven world by generating Challans online, also referred to as E-Challans, but it is yet to be understood and appreciated by people.

What is E-Challan?

E-Challan was introduced by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India. It is a Digital or electronic form of challan which is generated when an individual comes into conflict with the driving laws. E-Challan works in coordination with CCTV cameras, installed across the country to catch the lawbreaker.

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How does E-Challan work?

Let’s understand this in an easiest way possible. The E-Challan is issued when the offender is recorded on the CCTV camera and the police then sends an SMS related to the incidence in detail to the offender on the registered mobile number on which the vehicle is registered. Now, the offender gets 60 days to pay the fine and get over with it or after the stipulated duration the police can reach out physically to pay the fine.

How to check your E-Challan issues on your vehicle?

Step 1: Visit the given website;

Step 2: On the Home page you will find a column for Challan Details, enter your details in the box such as Challan Number or Vehicle Number or DL Number (Driving License Number);

Step 3: Enter the mentioned Captcha there and click on the “Get Details”;

Step 4: If no Challan is found, that will appear in the details. But if found, it will appear under Challan Status.

Step 5: All the e-challan will be displayed on that screen with fine and you can pay them only using the payment link with respect to the challan.

Step 6: If there is no payment link with respect to challan then you have wait for sometime or if under payment column there is option of virtual court the you have wait for sometime or a SMS will be sent on the registered mobile number to notify about the payment .

How to pay your E-Challan Online or Offline?

Pay Challan online

For Online mode of payment there are few steps more after the above-mentioned one.

Step 1: After the Challan Status, in the end you will find an option called “Pay Now”. Click on the option.

Step 2: Select the payment method, choose Credit/Debit Card or Net Banking option.

Step 3: Provide the necessary details and make the payment.

Step 4: You will receive a message on your registered number stating that the transaction is successful and mentioning the Transaction ID. Save the Transaction ID for future reference.

Pay Challan Offline

To pay challan offline you can visit your nearest Police Station and Pay your fine there. A Demand Draft, Cheque, pay order, Money order anything can be posted to Delhi Traffic Police Headquarters. Also, you can pay then and there to any officer of Delhi Traffic Police who is having an E-Challan machine..

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How to pay your Traffic Challan online in Delhi?

Step 1: Go to the official website of Delhi Traffic Police;

Step 2: Click on “Notice” as shown below in the picture;

Step 3: Then click on “Pending Notices”;

Step 4: Enter your Vehicle Number or Notice Number, any one of them;

Step 5: Click on Search Details to get related information in detail;

Step 6: Click on the “Pay Now” option if there is a pending notice related to your vehicle;

Step 7: Check the “Payment ID” along with the “Amount”;

Step 8: Choose the Payment Gateway to make a smooth payment online;

Step 9: On the successful completion of the payment, you will receive an SMS stating “Payment Successful” after which you can download your receipt.

How to pay E-Challan via Delhi Police APP?

Step 1: Download the Tatpar App on your smartphone.

Step 2: After installing, open the app and verify your contact number.

Step 3: Enter the OTP sent to your number, verify it by typing the OTP.

Step 4: At the Homepage, click on the “Traffic Notice Payment”;

Step 5: After that, click on the “E-Challan” option;

Step 6: Enter your Vehicle number or Notice Number as shown below;

Step 7: If your vehicle has pending notices or Challans make payment;

Step 8: Upon successful completion you will receive an SMS stating the same.

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Revised Traffic fine and penalties in Delhi

Traffic OffenseNew Traffic Fines
Driving without a copy of PUCRs. 2000
Violation of Air Pollution StandardsRs. 10000
Absence of Driving LicenseRs. 5000
Absence of Vehicle InsuranceRs. 2000
Driving through a Red LightRs. 1000
Breaking the Speed Limit for CarsRs. 1000
Breaking the Speed Limit for Commercial VehiclesRs. 2000
Driving Dangerously and Over-speedingRs. 5000; Suspension of DL for 3 months
Not wearing a Seat belt for both driving and passenger in the rear seatRs. 1000
Riding a 2-wheeler wearing a slipper or a sandalRs. 1000
Riding a 2-wheeler with more than two passengersRs. 1000
Rider or Pillion not wearing a HelmetRs. 1000; Suspension of DL for 3 months
Not following Police office instructionRs. 2000
Over-speeding, Disobeying rules, Dangerous DrivingRs. 7000
Not Letting an Emergency vehicle passRs. 10000
Driving while IntoxicatedRs. 10000; Court Challan
Using mobile phone while drivingRs. 5000; Suspended DL for 3 months
Missing Number Plate while drivingRs. 2000
Taking selfies while drivingRs. 2000
Using Private cars for commercial purposeRs. 2000
Minor driving a vehicleRs 25000; Imprisonment for 3 years
Missing Front or Rear BumperRs. 1000
Driving in opposite direction of one-way roadRs. 500
Using a fancy or faulty number plateRs. 500
Not using headlights after sunset or in nightRs. 500
Using high beam headlights while driving in the nightRs. 500
Encroaching on the Zebra Crossing while the Red light is onRs. 500
Parking a Vehicle in obstructive mannerRs. 500
Odd-Even penalty in DelhiRs. 4000

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t pay Challan?

If you don’t pay Challan online, the traffic police can ask you to give it physically, or if no one is available at your address, the court can summon you.

What are documents required while driving?

Driving License
Registration Certificate
Insurance Certificate
Fitness Certificate and Permit (In case of Transport Vehicles)
Emission Test Certificate

Does odd-even penalty is to be given in normal days too?

No, the Odd-Even penalty is not taken if there are normal days and odd-even is not imposed.

Can I pay Delhi Traffic Challan online?

Yes, You Can follow the steps above that are given.

Can I pay e-challans Offline?

You can pay the traffic fine by visiting your nearest police station.

When do I receive an e-challan?

E challan is an electronic traffic challan that is issued if you violate traffic rules.

How to challenge wrong e-challan?

Delhi Traffic Police has started a process under which vehicle owners can send in their challan number and seek verification at

How to check challan and also pay E-challan?

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