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Transfer Ownership of Vehicle

Have you ever come across a lot of difficulty understanding what is Transfer Ownership of Vehicle? Did you have an idea as to what is the process of RC Transfer? How is the transfer of vehicles done smoothly? If No, well you are in the right place. This article will give you an insight about every What, Why and How related to the Transfer of Ownership of Vehicles.

Delhi is a hub for automobiles. The influx of cars and two-wheeler, along with trucks is far greater here than any other regions in India. Every other individual wants to buy newest and updated version of cars or two-wheeler. Businessmen wants to invest in smooth delivery of products and services and so want to buy latest transport rather than an older version of the same. This upgradation leads them to sell their vehicle and transfer ownership of the same. Also, the so called “second-hand vehicle” is actually very efficient for those who are eager to always change vehicles, or are there to stay for some time in the city such as college students or can spend less on vehicles. Either of them, wants ownership of the vehicle shifted to them in an easy and transparent way.

What is RC Transfer or Transfer of Ownership?

The process which involves transfer of ownership from the original car owner to another owner is RC Transfer. This is an important process because it makes sure that all car related documents and liability are transferred to the new owner when paid the agreed amount to the original owner.

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What are the types of Transfer of Ownership?

In case of Normal sale:

When a vehicle is sold, new owner’s name is registered in every document related to the vehicle in place of the name of previous owner. Hence, this process is known as Transfer of ownership.

In case of vehicle purchased in Public Auction:

The name of previous registered owner is replaced by the new owner or purchaser of the vehicle.

In case of Death of owner of the vehicle:

When the owner of the vehicle dies, the legal heirs or person succeeding to the possession gets the favor of transfer of ownership. But they need to inform the registering authority, the reason of Death of the owner and his own intention to use the vehicle.

Documents required to Transfer of Ownership

In case of Normal sale:
  1. Form 29
  2. Form 30
  3. Certificate of Registration
  4. Certificate of Insurance
  5. Certificate of Pollution under Control
  6. Proof of Date of Birth of Purchaser
  7. Proof of Address
  8. Pan Card of both seller and purchaser
  9. R.C. Book
  10. Purchaser’s Undertaking
  11. Passport size Photograph
  12. Chassis and Engine Pencil print
  13. Tax clearance certificate
  14. A No Objection Certificate granted by the authority of Registration.
  15. An order of the Authority of Registration, if it is refusing to grant the No Objection Certificate.
In case of Vehicle purchased in Public Auction:
  1. Form 32
  2. Certificate of Registration
  3. Certificate of Insurance
  4. Certificate of Pollution under Control
  5. Proof of Date of Birth of Purchaser
  6. Proof of Address
  7. Pan Card of both seller and purchaser
  8. R.C. Book
  9. Purchaser’s Undertaking
  10. Passport size Photograph
  11. Chassis and Engine Pencil print
  12. Certificate or order duly signed by the authorized person to conduct an auction, in the favor of purchaser
  13. Certified copy of State or Central government authorizing the auction of the vehicle.
In case of Death of owner of the vehicle:
  1. Form 31
  2. Certificate of Registration
  3. Certificate of Insurance
  4. Certificate of Pollution under Control
  5. Proof of Date of Birth of Successor
  6. Proof of Address
  7. Pan Card of the Successor
  8. R.C. Book
  9. Passport size Photograph
  10. Chassis and Engine Pencil print
  11. Proof of Succession
  12. Verification of vehicle
  13. Signature identification of seller
  14. Death certificate of the registered owner
  15. Declaration by the applicant as well as all other legal heirs of the deceased.

Where to go for submitting Ownership Transfer Documents in Delhi?

For submitting the Ownership Transfer Documents in Delhi you have to search for a RTO office near your location. There are 18 RTO offices in Delhi. They are listed below:

Mall Road RTO, Delhi NorthDL 01
Tilak Marg RTO, New DelhiDL 02
Sheikh Sarai RTO, South Delhi SouthDL 03
West Janakpuri RTO, West Delhi WestDL 04
Loni Road RTO, North East DelhiDL 05
Sarai Kale RTO, Khan Central DelhiDL06
Mayur Vihar RTO, East DelhiDL07
Wazir Pur RTO, North West DelhiDL08
Janakpuri RTO, South West DelhiDL09
West Delhi RTODL10
Rohini North RTO, West DelhiDL11
Vasant Vihar RTO, South West DelhiDL12
Surajmal Vihar RTO, DelhiDL13
Sonipat RTODL14
Gurgaon RTODL15

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Cost of Transfer Ownership of Vehicle in Delhi

All fees related details are mentioned on the following link The late fine for Transfer of Ownership is 500 per month in case of car, and 300 per month in case of bike or two-wheeler.

Documents Required for Re-registering the vehicle after Interstate Transfer

  • Form 20
  • Form 27
  • Form 33
  • Form 60
  • Form 61
  • Original RC
  • NOC from former RTO
  • Copy of Residential Address
  • Copy of Driving License
  • Copy of PUC Certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Pan Card
  • Bank NOC (If the car is on loan)

Is the Road Tax implemented, if the vehicle was initially in the different State?

Yes, the Road Tax is implemented and is calculated accordingly to the original bill that the new owner of the vehicle paid. There are two ways to pay the Road Tax one is by DD and another is paying it in the RTO office. There are different benefits if you pay tax in RTO office one of them is reimbursement of Road tax. Following documents needs to be submitted with RTO:

  1. Road Tax Refund application
  2. Form 26
  3. A copy of New RC
  4. A copy of old RC
  5. A copy of Address
  6. Insurance policy papers

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What if someone has pending Challan or fine on the vehicle he wants to transfer?

The Vehicle owners need to ensure that No Challan or fine is pending. If so, they should pay it immediately so that they can obtain NOC from RTO office. If not, then the NOC will not be granted by the RTO office and hence the transfer of vehicle won’t be possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process of RC Transfer take?

It takes as many as 30 days in Delhi to Transfer Ownership after receiving all the documents necessary for the Transfer.

Is there any late fine related to RC?

Yes, there is a late fine of 500 for cars and 300 for bikes for Transfer of Ownership.

Where to submit the RC Transfer documents?

The RC Transfer document is to be transferred in the RTO office in your city.

Is the process of Transfer of Ownership different for interstate ownership transfer?

Yes, the documents may vary if Transfer of Ownership is for interstate ownership transfer.

How to get NOC from RTO?

Visit, for getting details about how to get NOC from RTO and what all documents are required for the same.

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