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What is the BH Series Number Plate?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has recently announced the launch of BH Series Number plates for non-transport vehicles. The step is taken for the seamless transfer of motor vehicles across states and union territories of India.  By having BH series number plates, vehicle owners will need not perform the formalities required for obtaining a new vehicle number while shifting to some other state of the country.

  • The number plate will be in the format YY BH####XX, where,
  • YY stands for the year of registration,
  • BH stands for BHARAT,
  • #### stands for the digits that would be allotted to the vehicle owner randomly, and,
  • XX stands for some randomly allotted alphabets (except I & O).

Benefits of BH Series Number

Although, application for the BH Series mark is purely voluntary, having a BH Series mark for your vehicle might come with multiple benefits,

  • The vehicle owners will need not to worry of the formalities involved before and during the application process of obtaining vehicle mark for shifting to another state. 
  • The whole process will be online and thus, applicants will be able to register for their vehicles easily.
  • There is no need to pay the additional charges for obtaining a new vehicle number while shifting to some other state. 
  • BH Series number will also bring a uniformity in the vehicle numbers around the country.

How to apply for BH Series Number for Motor Vehicle Online?

  • BH Registration will be an online process and will be done through the designated online portal.
  • The applicant would need to fill in all the required details and submit it. 
  • And pay the vehicle tax thereafter. 
  • On successful registration process, the applicant will be allotted the vehicle number randomly. 
  • The BH Series Number Plate will have a white background with an allotted number written in dark over it. 

Documents required for BH series number plate

The applicant will require his/her official identity card (govt employees), working certificate (private employees) and other requisite documents at the time of registration.

How can we apply for the BH series Number Plate Offline?

There is no official announcement regarding the offline registration process.

BH series Number Plate Fees

As for now, there is no fees for the registration of BH Series Number, but vehicle owners would have to pay tax for their motor vehicles. The tax will be levied based on the price of motor vehicles for 14 years, as mentioned below:

Invoice PriceTax (% of Invoice Price)
Below Rs. 10 Lakh8%
Rs. 10-20 Lakh10%
More than Rs. Lakh12%

Moreover, an additional 2% tax would be levied on diesel vehicles, while a reduced 2% tax would be levied on electric vehicles. 

After the limit of 14 years, the vehicle owner would have to pay the tax annually for half the amount they previously paid for.

Although the registration process was set to start from 15th September around the country, at present only Odisha has started the process, other states are yet to start it. 

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